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what makes and made history in samba music

Each month SSC Samba TV will feature a sambista and present a bit of history on that artist.

Homenagem à Candeia

Antônio Candeia Filho, aka Candeia, was one of the most important sambistas in brazilian music. Candeia died at the age of 43 in 1978. Candeia won many awards for his music. He was also the creator for the Quilombo Samba School, established in the 70s. He was an important member of Portela, the samba school he adored. In 1978, the year he died, he recorded an album that would become one the most important albums in Samba music, titled Axé. In 1997 three of his albums were re-released in CDs:
- Samba da antiga, 1970
- Filosofia do samba, 1971
- Samba de roda, 1974

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